• Skills and Drills for the Complete Player and Coach USA Hockey Skills and Drills DVD-ROM
    • Learn from more than 400 skills and drills covering:
      • Skating
      • Puck control
      • Passing & receiving
      • Shooting & skating
      • Angling, body contact, checking
    • View actual game footage that demonstrates the drills
    • Look up nearly any hockey term in the Glossary


  • Off-Ice Training for the Complete Player and Coach USA Hockey Off-Ice Training DVD-ROM
    • Improve your game with more than 400 hockey specific strength training and agility exercises
      • Hockey skills
      • Goaltender skills
      • Plyometric, speed and agility
      • Strength training
      • Conditioning drills
    • Designed in conjunction with the National Strength and Conditioning Association
    • Information on hydration, rest and recovery


About this Project:

USA Hockey's Coaching Education Program developed these two, interactive skills DVD-ROMs as part of its continued support of our membership. The project's goal was to provide a technologically-advanced resource that would help educate and improve the skill set of all our member players both on and off-the-ice.

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